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The Misfits is a full service solutions based agency creating brand stories and customer connections. We offer owned channels to market and creative, digital and event services.

As an independent, Australian full-service creative agency, we deliver services for our clients across all facets of branding, marketing, events and advertising. Our team of brilliant minds and passionate souls work in partnerships with our clients to achieve their marketing goals.

We work with brands to achieve their marketing ambitions through meaningful, and memorable live experiences and events. Our work creates an emotional connection between both brand and consumer to influence behaviour and drive advocacy.


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News Corp Australia



News Corp and WHIMN.com.au partnered with us to launch their 2018 mentoring program aimed at pairing the public and their readers with high profile female business leaders such as Janine Allis, Julie Bishop and Turia Pitt.


A private dining experience was hosted at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants, Fred’s to celebrate some of Australia’s most influential women.
Dr Kirstin Ferguson addressed our guests and spoke about her #CelebratingWomen campaign that recognised one exceptional woman, every day for a year using her social media network.


Reaching over 15,000 creative and industry professionals, we integrated and promoted the campaign across our owned channel to market, B&T.